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CHUNGA is a leaf on the Australian Public Access Network Association tree.

We do not have a very fast link to the world so take it easy eh..

We sold our house, digitised our record collection and bought a boat :-).

Check out Nanooks home page if you like Frank Zappa.

Some probably out of date tech reference's

My better half is an artist! Drawn Wild - The Art of Terry Jackson

SA Marine Weather

Outer Harbour

Hindmarsh Island Observations

A nice marina well kept in Maryborough QLD. Worth a visit!

Scientology sucks

A bit of a private rant sorry..

I have to say I despise the cult of Scientology and all it represents. I find it sad that people would find anything of value in a so called "religion" created by a science fiction writer in 1952. There's a wealth of information available for people to make their own judgements about this but here's a link to a site I've spent hours browsing. With all this information available, why are people still sucked in.

One of the problems with the cult is that they are very litigeous and they have big pockets (due to the huge amount of money they collect from their members) so this little missive may not be around long. And here's another Some facts and discussion about the cult of Scientology

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