Civilization, Phaze III

Civilization, Phaze III is the latest Frank Zappa album. It is subtitled ''Live Inside The Piano``.

A review of Civilization, Phaze III written by John Scialli.

And another one, Called ''Zappa's Outermost Phaze'', written by Stephen Homan.

The album (a double CD) contains 41 tracks. As an introduction, here is the conversation on track 1.

This is Phase 3.

Well, get through phase 1 and 2 first.

First Phase 1.

The audience sits inside a big piano and they listen to it grow.

People are going to sit inside a piano. They're gonna listen to this piano grow.

They're gonna listen to the piano growth.

This is going to turn into another Haight-Ashbury period. Remember how we commercialized on that scene?

That's was a really good move.

Right, All it was was people sitting in doorways, freaking out tourists going ''Merry go round, Merry go round, tutututu tututu tututu.``. And they called that ''doing their thing``.

Oh Yeah? That's what doing your thing is.

The thing is to put a motor in yourself.

Ski back to Nanooks igloo