Rehearsing the Finnish tango 'Satumaa' in Helsinki ( 242K)
The photograph was taken at the Kulttuuritalo (Culture house) concert hall in Helsinki on September 22, 1974. The persons are Ruth Underwood, Chester Thompson, Matti Koskiala, George Duke, Tom Fowler and Frank Zappa. Matti Koskiala, a veteran Finnish drummer and percussionist, is teaching the band to play a Finnish tango, Satumaa.

Holding a guitar ( 124K)

Frank Zappa at Massey Hall, Toronto ( 16K)
some time in 1973, maybe... (check out the hanging dental floss) (c) 1973 Steven P. Ehrlick. Permission granted to reproduce and/or re-transmit for non-commercial use only

1968(?) greyscale headshot of FZ sticking his middle finger up his nose. ( 192K)
See the next picture for a more recent twist on the theme. Scan by Jim Collier.

Another picture of Frank ( 202K)
Scan by Jim Collier.

A young Zappa ( 7K)

Zappa ( 23K)

Zappa with Guitar ( 16K)

Three pictures of Frank ( 71K)

Bettman Picture ( 90K)

Zappa conducting, spring '81 ( 207K)
I feel honored that he seems to have been looking directly into my lens while directing the group. For the technically minded it was taken with a Nikon FM using a 200mm lens at f/2.8 for 1/125 sec. on Tri-X pushed to 1600 ASA -- Erich Boekelheide (

Pictures from the Albums

Detailed Bob Dance Instructions from Cruising with Ruben and The Jets ( 17K)

Front cover of Absolutely Free. ( 64K)

Ahead Of Their Time Poster ( 238K)

From Chunga's Revenge ( 121K)

Inside of Baby Snakes ( 72K)

European Cover of FZ Meets The Mothers Of Prevention ( 58K)

Photo from Joe's Garage ( 74K)

A Yellow Shark ( 54K)

Backcover of FZMTMOP ( 22K)

A Yellow Shark ( 2K)

Strange Scan of The Grand Wazoo ( 5K)

A little Yellow Shark ( 1K)

Zappa Icon ( 1K)

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