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Almost all of this was copied yonks ago from St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage ( with the kind permission of Robbert Heederik -
o Civilization Phase III
All about Zappa's latest album
o Discography
A discography of Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention.
o Album Covers
All (almost) the album covers and more..
o Frequently Asked Questions
The Frequently Asked Questions are regularly posted on It contains general questions, a ''Whatever Happened To ...'' section, a discography, a videography, a singles discography, information about other Zappa projects, the differences between vinyl and CD versions of the same albums, Bootlegs info, every detail about the '88 tour and notes and comments on some obscure lyrics.
o Interviews and Articles
This section contains a few interviews with Zappa and some articles by Zappa.
o Miscellaneous Files
Sun/NeXT audio, Windose audio, MIDI files, MPEG movies, Guitar tablatures, chords and scores.
o Other Zappa sites
Other WWW sites related to Zappa are listed here.
o Tributes to the master.
Tributes to Frank.. Remembered for all time in the heavens :)
o Quote of the day from the man himself
Random quotes from history

Major thanks to Robbert Heederik -
who made most of this available for me..

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