Zappa Pages

The REAL Frank Zappa Home Page
The Official Frank Zappa website. I'm impressed!
1997 The Zappa Family Trust

St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage
Large selection of lyrics, the FAQ, interviews, articles, images, audio samples and a daily Zappa quote.
Maintained by Robbert Heederik

The Black Page!
The latest Zappa news, Information about Asteroid Zappafrank and the Phialella zappai, Lots of articles, pictures and some audio samples.
Maintained by Marianne Mueller

Zappa Discography at the University of Nijmegen
The Zappa Discography: Officially released albums, Beat the Boots and bootlegs.
Maintained by Jack Leunissen

A Tribute to Frank Zappa
Allan's personal opinions about some of Zappa's albums.
Maintained by Allan Stratton

Pound for a Brown
The famous Phi-Zappa-Crappa poster! Steve Vai talks about Zappa.
Maintained by Darach "Arsenic Hand" Ennis

Frank Zappa (1940-1993) by Pasi Nousiainen
Another Discography and Bob Marshall's interview with Zappa
Maintained by Pasi Nousiainen

The Yellow Snow Page
The Playboy Interview.
Maintained by Petter Goga

Frank Zappa (and Image Gallery) (
The Zappa Image Gallery
Maintained by Bill "Zappa" Christopulos

Hometown Sausage Jamboree
Sofanic Messages in Frank Zappa's Music Revealed.
Maintained by Jeremy Fox

Record Companies

Rykodisc is rereleasing the entire Zappa catalog. Is this phase one of another greedy record company ploy to force us to buy these albums one more time? Check out the Hot Rats CDLink.

Rhino Records
The company that did the Beat The Boots series. Nothing on Zappa on this server, BTW.

Pages related to Zappa

About Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band. A discography, Quicktime and MPEG movies, audio samples and a lot of articles.
Maintained by Justin Sherrill

Captain Beefheart
Another Beefheart page with a lot of pictures.
Maintained by Alan Saul

Mike Keneally Page
Everything about Mike Keneally!
Maintained by Scott Chatfield

The Vinnie Coliauta Homepage
A great drummer who played with Zappa.
Maintained by Timothy Behary

Eric Dolphy Home Page
Some transcriptions and samples.
Maintained by Joe Hellerstein

Eric Dolphy -- Outward Bound!
The Discography and some pictures.
Maintained by Alan Saul

Kronos Quartet FanWeb
The Kronos Quartet plans to record some of Zappa's work.
Maintained by Gary Stephens

Friends of Tuva
The throat singers!
Maintained by Kerry Yackoboski

Edgard Varese
Everything about Franks favourite composer.
Maintained by James Fei

Nigey Lennon
Nigey wrote a book called 'Being Frank' about her time with FZ.
Maintained by Greg Sandell


Cosmik Debris
An E-zine staffed by some big Frank fans

Music & Travel Report
Jim Sheldon-Deans musical adventures and travel reports.

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